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NEWS - New Green Fuels - Structured Products and Online Auctions services launched.

About OTC Direct

OTC Direct is a cutting-edge digital OTC marketplace. It facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) trading in environmental credits and biofuels


Fast, efficient execution. Trade orders in just 2 clicks.


Trade multiple markets (e.g. RIN, LCFS and CFP Credits, Physical Ethanol, Financial Ethanol) all via a single front-end.


All bids and offers in OTC Direct are anonymous.


See all the bids and offers in the market and view all trades as they happen, in real time.


Trade on the go via iOS and Android mobile apps for OTC Direct.


At OTC Direct we believe in giving a little bit back. We pledge to donate 10% of our online transaction revenue to charitable causes.

Online Auctions now available on OTC Direct

OTC Direct now offering bespoke auction in:
- Environmental credit: SAFc, LCFS, RINS etc.
- Renewable Fuels : SAF, Renewable Diesel, Renewable Naphtha etc.

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Structured Products - Green Fuel Offtakes

In response to surging demand from start-up green fuel projects, we have launched a dedicated Structured Products team to facilitate the arrangement of bespoke, long-term off-take agreements for physical green fuels. We have experience in arranging:

- Off-take agreements in Green Fuels such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Green Ammonia, Green Hydrogen, Green Methanol, Green Ethylene, Renewable Naphtha and Renewable Diesel.
- Off-take agreements for environmental credits and attributes such as SAFc, LCFS, BCUs and RINs.

With our extensive network of start-up green fuel projects, logistic firms, oil majors, airlines and chemical firms, we can help you achieve your goals whether that's securing the long-term revenue you need to make your project viable to investors and lenders, or sourcing the green fuel critical to achieving your ESG objectives.

Please email us at onboarding@otcdirect.io